Annual General Meeting

AGM Registration is Open

 The AGM will take place as a Zoom Webinar rather than a normal Zoom meeting. As a Zoom webinar attendee you will be able to see and hear the hosts but you will not be able to see or hear other attendees and no one will be able to see or hear you (your camera and microphone are disabled during Zoom webinars). This reduces strain on the internet as video is only shown of the hosts but also provides privacy for yourself and helps the meeting run smoothly.

You will be able to submit questions using the Zoom Q&A feature and any voting will be held electronically. If multiple members from one household are attending it is recommended that you use individual devices so that you can all take part in voting.

Instructions and a guide will be sent out to all who have registered prior to the 22nd.

If you have any questions or concerns please email who will be able to help you attend.