Contractors Survey 2024


We are conducting a survey to understand the factors influencing your decision to accept or decline a project in Sanday. Your feedback will help us improve the conditions and services for contractors who work in Sanday. The survey should take just a few minutes, and your identities will remain confidential.

We appreciate the difficulties faced by contractors taking projects in the isles, and we would like to understand what would help to make the isles work more attractive.

We have several important projects coming up in Sanday but are concerned about the availability of contractors. We have recently had to return funding from the Scottish government as we could not attract a contractor to take on the work.

As a thank you for your time, at the end of the survey you can choose a local good cause to which Sanday Development Trust will donate £ 5.

Thank you

A. Working in the Isles

B. Ferry Service

C. Accommodation

D. Food and Drink

E. And Finally

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