Island Planning

We ask for your name and email in order to verify that you are a member of the community. Your details will not form part of the results and will be treated in complete confidence. Your details will not be stored beyond the end of the questionnaire or shared. If you prefer to rename anonymous please pick up a printed copy from Heilsa Fjold and return using the post box.

less than 2 yearsbetween 2 and 5 yearsbetween 5 and 10 yearsover 10 yearsI was born here
I have lived here
younger than 1414 - 2526 - 4546 - 65Over 65
I am aged
not very long at allfor just a year or twono more than the next 5 yearsuntil the kids leave homefor as long as my health permitsfor everI don't know
I plan to live here
because I was born hereto retireto improve my health and wellbeingfor my children's educationbecause of the low crimeto get away from it allto be on an islandto workto be part of a communityother
I am here
1 Very Important2 Fairly Important3 No thoughts either way4 Not really important5 Of no interest at all
1 Agree to a great extent2 Agree to some extent3 Disagree4 No thoughts on it5 Not important to me but is important to Sanday
We need more housing for rental
We need more housing to buy
We need new people to move to Sanday
We need more children in the school
We need to attract businesses that can provide jobs
Sanday is a friendly and enjoyable place to live
We need to do more about climate change
We need better internet connectivity
Residents should not have to move away from Sanday to get the care that they need
Maintaining a strong community spirit is key
We need more visitors and tourists to come to Sanday
I am proud to be part of the Sanday community
Better Transport
More financial support
More places to shop
More places to eat
More Jobs opportunities
Local services - Dentist, Optician, Podiatry, etc
Ability to stay on Sanday for whole of life
Climate action
Digital Connectivity - Internet, 5G, etc
More community events
Do moreCarry onDo lessStop doing
Renovating empty properties into homes for rent
Representing the Sanday community to the council, government
Providing services and facilities
Attracting more people to live here and prevent depopulation
Bring health and care services to Sanday
Explain the work we do
Provide job opportunities
Provide youth services
Something else, please state in box 11 below
Overall, how happy are you living on Sanday?